New and Improved: The Voltaic Generator Solar Powered Laptop Bag

generator solar backpack photo

Photo via Voltaic Systems; Full Disclosure: Shayne McQuade, founder of Voltaic Systems, sits on TreeHugger's Board of Advisors.

Great news for everyone wanting to utilize solar power for their laptops. The Generator by Voltaic Systems is a solar-powered backback we’ve featured on TreeHugger before, but there are some cool improvements to it that make it perfect to both carry and charge your laptop. The new version of the Generator uses the most efficient consumer-grade solar cells available to produce 15 watts and charge up the battery in as few as 5 hours - a big improvement in charging time from the previous version. That is really fast compared to other solar bags on the market. In fact, it’s really the only bag of it’s kind that can charge up your laptop in about half a day. Check out the guide we created to solar chargers for a little comparison.

This could make a cool green gift for someone this holiday season (ahem, me! …let me know if you need shipping address info) and they’re heading out the door starting today. It is priced at $499 which is very reasonable compared to chargers that have similar charging, it's a laptop bag so you get a good deal of convenience out of it. It's a very huggable accessory to consider if you're traveling and off grid for awhile, or if you just want to go off grid as often as possible.

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