Netbook Market Busts Open - Smaller, Power Efficient Computers Get Popular

HP Mini 2133 netbook photo

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Folks in the computer world are getting pretty excited about Lilliputian computers. And so are we.

The netbook market is exploding, which means that ever smaller, more power efficient computers are finding homes at rates far above last year’s sales. The thing about netbooks is they’re cheaper all around – cheaper to make, cheaper to buy, cheaper to run. So they’re pretty attractive in a failing economy. The numbers prove it – the global market for netbooks rose 160% from the second to the third quarter of this year. In 2007, just 1 million netbooks were sold, but by the end of this year, about 14 million will be shipped to users.

Netbooks allow users to do word processing, basic web browsing, and a few other basic tasks, so they’re perfect for people who need to get work done while out and about, or for people who just don’t need a computer to do much more than that. Along with their friendly price tags, they look pretty appealing.

Also appealing is that they're thaaaaat much greener, what with using fewer materials and less electricity. Though, we're still waiting for a really green netbook to arrive.

If you’re hunting for something like this, there are a few EPEAT rated options, including the HP Mini 1000 Series and the HP Compaq Mini 700 Series, which have EPEAT Silver, as well as the ASUS N series, which has EPEAT Gold.

Via PC World
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