NEC Shows Off Latest E-Paper Advancement

NEC epaper with multi-tiling

Photo via PhysOrg

E-Paper seems to be coming out of the woodwork these days. Manufacturers are in some sort of race to show of their latest and greatest in the up-and-coming technology.

NEC is the newest company in the line-up to debut their new displays that are an alternative to newspapers, minus the squinty headache hours of computer screen reading can create.

NEC also threw in an extra cool feature that will make buyers want more. The e-paper displays from NEC are not color – something Liquavista and Samsung have been working on. But they aren’t monochrome either. Instead, they use a thin-film transistor active matrix to provide a 16-step grey scale.

With no need to continuously refresh, or even have power going to the display while reading a page, e-paper offers a great low-power option for devices from cell phones to e-readers. Finding ways to use less energy for gadgets is always a good thing.

But some people may want more than small displays. That’s where NEC added an extra neat feature:

Additionally, e-paper modules can be used to form large screen displays by combining up to eight modules, which incorporate the company's original multi-tiling controller. The A3 e-paper module is composed of especially narrow frames, with two sides measuring just 1mm, which enables the creation of large screens that feature effective multi-tiling.

That could eventually lead to ultra low power presentation screens for meetings or conferences and a whole range of other uses.

Via PC World and PhysOrg
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