NEC Launches New EPEAT Monitor

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Using an energy efficient monitor is a great way to cut down on energy use. There are a growing number of options out there, including new LED monitors, and monitors that are energy sippers.

NEC doesn't want to get left in the dust, and so has launched an addition to its line of EPEAT monitors, which feature energy-saving capabilities like NEC's ECO mode and built-in carbon footprint meters.Cool Energy-Saving Features
NEC's ECO mode is a power-saving capability that lets users lower power consumption, so they only consume an amount that fits their needs. This also helps lower the amount of waste heat put off by the monitor.

So that users can appreciate their savings, the monitor has a built-in carbon footprint meter that shows users just how much CO2 they're saving by lowering their power use.

Metaling with EPEAT
The 26-inch MultiSync EA261WM is EPEAT Gold, the 24-inch MultiSync EA241WM wide-screen display is EPEAT Gold, and the 19-inch MultiSync EA191M standard-format display has nabbed EPEAT Silver.

When you factor in the energy-saving capabilities (plus lower power use in the first place - for instance, the 19" version uses 38 watts without the ECO mode, 27 watts with ECO mode, and less than 2 watts in stand-by) there is nice potential for a savings on energy costs.

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