Navy Marine Corps Intranet Goes Green

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Navy Marine Corps Intranet is Second Only to the Internet
The Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) has more than 660,000 active users, only the Internet is larger. It has around 50 classified and unclassified server farms, for a total of thousands of servers.

The U.S. Department of Defense, to comply with federal "green" computing mandates, has been trying to reduce the footprint of this intranet, and so far the results are promising. Read on for more details.

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Virtualization & Consolidations of Servers
Thus far, the program has consolidated 2,000 servers down to 300, with another 2,000 servers left to consolidate. When the project is complete, there will have been an 8:1 consolidation of servers in the system, and it will save the military an estimated $800,000 per year in power and cooling costs — a 65% reduction.

Virtualization at NMCI has already taken the equivalent of 2,550 cars off the road and prevented 6,800 tons of carbon emissions, based on an average of 4 tons of CO2/year per server.

Not bad on the IT side, but we wish the rest of the military would look closely at its environmental impact.


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