MRM Starting Up Electronics Recycling Plan in Oregon Three Months Early

MRM Monitor Waste Photo

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The Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management Company is a group leading the way towards getting businesses to meet state recycling requirements. We saw a month ago that the group started up a user-friendly website to help companies keep up.

Apparently they’re making some serious progress because the Oregon MRM Group Manufacturer Plan is starting three months ahead of schedule. MRM does the work of preparing recycling plans, collection results reports, and tracking the paying of fees for electronics companies. Now, across Oregon, the group will work with leading electronics manufacturers to rev up electronics recycling.

The first three months of the program’s operation will be used to test its performance, and will be funded by Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba and CRT Processing. Beginning in January 2009, financing for the program will come from the 21 participating manufacturers.

Representative Jackie Dingfelder, the author of Oregon’s e-waste legislation, said, “I’m really pleased to see that MRM and CRT Processing are ready to go and can start recycling items even before the effective date of Oregon’s e-waste law. My hope is that this is just the beginning in a long series of successes, both for these companies and for our e-waste law"

Pretty exciting to see e-waste laws tightening up and electronics companies taking some action to clean up their impacts.

Via WebWire
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