Move over, Harlem Shake. It's time for the iPhone shake.

Infinity Cell Charger
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The number of products meant to solve mobile power issues just got larger, as a new type of device for the iPhone, a kinetic charger, is looking for a kickstart.

When your mobile phone battery is getting low, you can either power down, look for an outlet (you do have your power cord with you, don't you?), plug in your backup battery, or if you're the owner of an Infinity Cell, start shaking your phone like mad.

A new Kickstarter campaign from Ideation Designs aims to fund the further development and production of their Infinity Cell, a micro kinetic charger that is integrated into an iPhone case and can boost your battery through motion.

The latest prototype of the Infinity Cell has a small kinetic energy harvester enclosed in an ABS plastic and polypropylene case that is said to be capable of putting out a steady output of 5V at 200 to 500mA. According to the company, 30 minutes of motion with the latest version of the Infinity Cell will boost an iPhone's charge by 20%, and while that's not exactly a sustainable solution for fully charging the device (who's going to shake it for a solid three hours?), it could make the difference between having no power and just enough power to make a call.

The current specs of the Infinity Cell are:

* Voltage output, ~ 12 V
* DC Current output, ~ 200 - 500mAh
* Dimension, 4.8in X 2.45in X 0.6in, 122mm X 62mm X 15mm
* Weight, ~4.6 ounces, ~130 grams

According to TechCrunch, the company is working toward a final version that can convert any movement into a charge, so your phone is charging while you go about your day, just by being in your pocket or bag.

Right now, the Infinity Cell is designed for the iPhone 4/4S, but the company is said to be working on a modular case that can accommodate other models of smartphones. If you'd like more information, or to see this project funded, you can see Infinity Cell at Kickstarter.

Move over, Harlem Shake. It's time for the iPhone shake.
A new micro kinetic charger is in the works that will charge your iPhone, just by shaking it.

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