Month of Free Hosting at SustainableMarketing

Readers of TreeHugger have been offered a month of free wind-powered web-hosting at by Ivan Storck. If you are interested by the offer, all you have to do is use the coupon LUVTREES on checkout. We must use the usual caveat, though: We are not affiliated with SustainableMarketing, have not tried the services that they offer or compared them with their competitors. We are not responsible for anything that happens if you decide to enter a business relationship with them. We are just passing along this offer that was made in the comments of this post. Any other company that wants to offer goodies to our readers, let us know and we'll decide if its worth posting. Update: Mr. Storck wrote in the comments of this post to tell us that instead of using the coupon, you can go to this page to get the special, and that the offer ends on October 1st 2005.