Mobile Pentium M Saves Power in Desktops, Too

Intel Centrino’s energy-saving tactics were designed to keep battery life long in notebook computers. But just because your desktop computer is permanently tethered to the home office doesn’t mean it shouldn't be a high-energy appliance. That’s why AOpen and DFI have put Centrino’s Pentium M processor into motherboards built for desktops. Result? A thermal power reduction of 80% compared to a Pentium 4—down to 21 watts—and they’re nice and quiet, too. Independent testing found the two companies’ boards to perform similarly at just over 2,000 MHz. If only it would fit in a Cubit chassis, we’d be well on our way to a custom enviro PC. Available from AOpen retailers and DFI retailers. Thanks to Chris Liendo for the tip! ::Tom’s Hardware Guide ::arstechnica [by KK]