Minimalist Gramophone Makes Playing Music Super Simple

For the most part, today's digital music devices have failed to replicate the beauty of early gramophones. But this minimalist, electricity-free and potentially do-it-yourself design from Livia Ritthaler recaptures that aesthetic. Made of a sheet of paper, a square of wood and a few pieces of metal, this hand-operated gramophone makes recorded music as simple as it gets.

Rolled into a cone and supported by a metal bar, the paper takes the place of the old brass horn. A needle at its tip connects with the record, which is spun by hand. Ritthaler writes:

I just moved to London to finish my bachelor with the graphics program. Because I can afford neither the money nor the space a record player, I've even built one.

Given the strain on the listener's wrists, I don't see the minimalist gramophone catching on, but if the power ever goes out and your iPod dies, you can always dig up your parents' record collection and make your own music.

Minimalist Gramophone Makes Playing Music Super Simple
This hand operated gramophone is as simple as it gets.

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