Mini-Speakers for Bike Helmets Keep You Safer While Cycling

A couple weeks ago, we wrote about EarHero, a new earbud design that allows you to hear both your music and the outside world. The design keeps you safer while jogging or cycling since you can hear oncoming traffic or other dangers, rather than only your tunes. Now, there's another idea out there for safer speakers for cyclists.

O-tus mini speakers can be positioned on your bike helmet, just above the ears. The music player is mounted on the back of the helmet. The wires are threaded behind the helmet padding to the player. The set-up plays your music close enough to your ears for you to be able to enjoy songs while still hearing what else is happening on the street.

Gizmag points out, "Although they do look like earbuds, the 15-watt output devices are not designed to go in the ears... If users want to play music from their smartphone, however, they can do so via an optional Bluetooth receiver. It attaches to the back of the helmet, while the phone itself can remain stowed in a hydration pack, saddle pack, or pocket."

The speakers are $35, which is a bit of an investment but still cheaper than many fancy earbuds, and could keep you that much safer while cycling. We like cyclists to stay alive and healthy, so consider how, or even if, you play music while riding.

Here is a run-down on how the O-tus system works:

Mini-Speakers for Bike Helmets Keep You Safer While Cycling
This mini speaker set-up for your helmet will allow you to hear not only your music but the other activity happening on the road.

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