Microsoft Surface - The Last Big A** Table You Will Ever Buy?

If you are not familiar with Microsoft Surface, view said video; you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll see Peak Tech has arrived. Because what you are seeing, in action, is a $10,000 table where you can (a) watch video, (b) make maps, and (c) finger paint. These must be the strong points; they are in the ad.

The underlying "Multi-Touch" technology in Surface was invented in 1982; it's old, old wine, and the "table" concept is a helluva lot older than that. At one time, neat things were done - Donkey Kong comes to mind - but the $10,000 videotastic table seems limited. You might be able realize the dream of putting your PC desktop on a real desktop; me, I'm an oak man.

When we said that that iPhone (or in-kind multitude) is the last phone you will ever buy, we meant it. Somewhere slightly south of this acme we have Surface; you'll be buying other tables.