Microsoft puts disposable wifi routers into magazine advertisement

Microsoft wifi ad
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E-waste galore

Microsoft decided that a good way to advertise its cloud-based Office 365 software would be to actually put a T-Mobile wifi router with 15 days of free wifi inside a magazine advert. On one hand, it's clever and sure to grab attention. But on the other, is it really necessary to send out all of this disposable hardware to people who no doubt already have internet connections (I'm pretty sure Forbes subscribers aren't too poor to afford internet access)? How many thousands of these did they send out, and where do you think they'll all end up in about two weeks? A lot perfectly good hardware thrown away (a lot of it probably not properly recycled). More fodder for the "Just what we needed" department...

Microsoft wifi adYoutube/Screen capture

Don't get me wrong. I'm no luddite. I believe that the internet is one of the best things to happen to humanity, and I'm amazed that the technology has improved and dropped in price to the point that this kind of thing is possible. But it's not because we can do something that we should. Being wasteful in a high-tech way is just as bad as the old-school kind...

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