Meet the Bios Incube, the app-controlled urn accessory that grows a tree from a loved one

Bios Incube
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You can ensure that there's life after death for your loved ones, especially if you'd like to turn them into a tree.

Two years ago, Margaret covered the launch of the Bios Urn, which is a biodegradable urn that allows people to grow a tree from the ashes of their loved one's remains, but the people behind this product, estudimoline, a design firm in Barcelona, have taken this one huge step further with the launch of their Incube.

The Bios Incube is essentially an app-controlled tree incubator that is designed to fit the Urn, so that growing the legacy of a tree from the ashes of your loved ones is as simple as can be. The Bios Urn slides right inside the Incube, the device is filled with water, and then the Incube sensor is placed on top of the soil.

The sensor monitors light levels, soil and air temperature and humidity, soil conductivity (for assessing fertilizer needs), and the status of the seed/tree, and then automatically waters the urn for optimal growth. The Incube holds about 3 gallons of water (which the company says is "enough to nourish your seed or tree for an average of twenty days"), and includes a pump for delivering the water from the reservoir to the soil. The data from the sensor is sent via WiFi to an app on your phone, where it can be used to track the growth of the tree no matter where in the world you are.

"The Bios Incube has been designed for city dwellers with limited access to natural land, those seeking alternatives to cemeteries, and for people who want to meaningfully connect with their loved ones who have passed away. More and more people are looking for environmentally conscious and economically feasible ways to bury those who have passed, and the Bios Incube offers that and more." - Bios Incube

Once the young tree is large enough to plant outdoors, the Bios Urn can be removed from the Incube and transplanted in your yard or garden, and then the Incube can be used to grow another plant or tree (or to nurture another Bios Urn).

The Bios Incube is currently seeking crowdfunding with a Kickstarter campaign, where it has already raised almost all of its initial goal, and backers at the €450 level (~$495 USD) will get their very own device, and those at the €120 (~$132 USD) level will get their own Bios Urn. More info can be found at the website.

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