Maple Pillbox Hat Hard Drive from Suissa Computers


Leopard skins are no longer TreeHugger correct, so we paraphrase Dylan: Well, I see you got your brand new maple pill-box hat hard drive from Suissa, whose stunning handmade wood computers wowed us last year. Shadow is an external hard drive that is beautiful enough to have a place of honour on any desk. "Shadow is designed for comfort, and provides convenient ports for all those technologies we connect to our computers," says Howard Suissa. "Consumers are purchasing peripherals to collect and store memories and experiences. They therefore require more hard drive space and more USB connections. As people age, eyesight and mobility make it difficult to fiddle with small plugs at the back of a system, under the desk. Combining these factors is logical."

So is making beautiful objects out of what is normally plastic and banal. This lovely wood hatbox of an external drive is made from sustainably harvested maple, cheap at C$ 715 at ::Suissa Computers


also available in a vertical version.