Maker Faire 2012: Gon KiRin, a Fire-Breathing Dragon Made from Recycled Scraps

One of the amazing pieces of mechanical art found at Maker Faire this year was Gon KiRin, a 69-foot fire-breathing-LED-lit-tail-waving beast made by Teddy Lo and Ryan Doyle. Gon KiRin means “Light Dragon”, and it's true of this sculpture day or night, as it breathes fire and is covered in LED lights when it's dark out.

Most of this beast is made of found objects. Granted, not every part of this dragon is recycled. No doubt some new components were needed such as the impressive LED lights that make it glow at night. However, the creator did use a lot of scrap metal for the skeleton and old tires for the skin of the arms, which makes it look both like it has scales and sinewy muscles. It also features old furniture -- there's a couch in its mouth and seating in other areas too!

Gon KiRin has made appearances at various Maker Faires, though this is the first time I've seen it at Maker Faire Bay Area. It is quite a spectacle and seemed to always have a small crowd circled around it. You can check out more places where it will appear at Gon KiRin's Facebook page.

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