Maker Faire 09: GoBe Solar Charger

gobe solar charger photo

Photos by Jaymi Heimbuch

Wandering through the Maker Fair expo, I came across this solar charger I hadn't heard of before. It's called GoBe, and looks like a great portable way to charge up some hefty devices, possibly even your laptop. It comes in two parts - a brief case-sized fold-out solar panel that can be propped up at different angles, and a lantern-sized battery pack. The solar panel has a max of 13 watts, which means you'll get back-up power to a laptop after a day's worth of charging, but can't really run a laptop off of it. However, it's great for charging up the GoBe hub so you have spare power for a wide range of other devices.

And that's exactly what it's advertised for. Its main target is people using products by Provo Craft - which means mini printers, hot glue guns and other tools of the DIYer. Of course, a hard core Maker would just whip up their own solar charger.

It's not terribly impressive, but definitely handy and one to have on the radar when hunting for solar power options.

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