MAKE Magazine Releases Awesome "Ultimate Kit Guide"

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MAKE Magazine is usually filled with great DIY projects, and all sorts of information that will have you excited about repairing, rebuilding, or making from scratch all sorts of interesting things. We cover the Maker Faire every year, and that's usually when we bring you the must-haves from the Maker Shed. But this month, MAKE Magazine is rather irresistible.

MAKE states, "Kits help create the kind of highly skilled amateurs who drive innovation and economic renewal. From the steam engine kits that kicked off the Industrial Revolution, to the kit computers in the 1970s that launched Apple, Microsoft, and the computer revolution, industries have been transformed by enthusiastic hobbyists who get their hands on powerful and fun technology by way of kits. It's happening again with 3D printing, CNC machining, robotics, microcontrollers, and beyond."

We couldn't agree more. The issue is the Ultimate Kit Review. It looks over 175 of the top kits, from smaller crafts to building advanced robots. It also has come out just in time for the holidays, so you can look through it and find kits that will inspire in a recipient the DIY and repair culture that helps forward the sustainability movement.

MAKE Magazine Releases Awesome "Ultimate Kit Guide"
If you're a green geek who loves to tinker with gadgets, this issue of Make Magazine is perfect for you!

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