Make An iPad or Kindle Case From An Old Book And Sugru

If you know me but at all, you'll know I'm a fan of Sugru, that weird putty stuff that allows you to fix and hack all sorts of things. Ever since spotting it at Maker Faire awhile back, I've been interested in the myriad ways you can use it for anything from simple repairs to modifications, to creating whole new items like this holder for iPads or Kindles.

Shown off on Instructables, the Sugru team lays out how to transform a beat up old book into a holder for a tablet device -- your only requirements are a book of the appropriate size, your device, and some Sugru.

When selecting a book, make sure it's one you definitely don't mind tearing apart. Something that is ready to be retired anyway is a must. Also, be sure it's the right thickness -- you'll need a little more room than you think once you factor in both the device and the holders fitting over it:

First of course comes ripping out the pages of the book. Well, not so much ripping out as carefully cutting out.

Then you can get all fashion-conscious and match up your Sugru colors.

You'll want to take some time reinforcing the spine. More details on the best way to do this are in the Instructable.

Cover your device in plastic wrap to protect it while getting it centered and placing the Sugru formed around it.

Mark your spots, add some Sugru to the corners, and then start forming the holders. Think scrapbook corners when making them -- not too bulky but enough to keep it held in place.

And Voila! You're done.

Now the only trick is remembering which book you used as your device holder since it's fairly easy to lose track of it among all the rest of the books on your shelf!

Low tech, simple, upcycled, and few new materials used -- we like it!

Make An iPad or Kindle Case From An Old Book And Sugru
Make an iPad or Kindle case from an old book and sugru

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