Make any bike smarter with this minimalist navigation, security, and fitness gadget

SmartHalo bike accessory
© SmartHalo

The SmartHalo device upgrades any bicycle into a smart(er) bike, offering its users directions, cycling metrics, an alarm, an automatic headlight, call & text notifications, and more.

A new cycling accessory, currently in the pre-order phase, could make bike commuting a little safer and more convenient, thanks to smart connected features and a minimalist interface.

Many of the new smart technology bike add-ons are meant to be removed from the bike after each ride (or risk being stolen), which means another thing to remember when headed out the door, and they try to cram too much information onto a small screen, with the result of a relatively short battery life and a source of potential distractions for riders. The SmartHalo aims to be different in both of those aspects, as users can leave the tamper-proof device ("military-grade locking system") permanently attached to their handlebars and enjoy up to three weeks of battery life before recharging.

"Have you ever seen a car driver remove its headlights after parking? Neither have we. Why should bikers have to remove their accessories after each ride? We designed SmartHalo to install permanently on your bike while making sure it doesn't get stolen – it will withstand the world’s harshest urban environments." - SmartHalo

The SmartHalo is built to be durable ("Go ahead, throw rain, snow, mud or whatever at it. Bring it."), smart, and intuitive to use. This all-in-one device is claimed to fit virtually any bike, and it incorporates a 250 lumen headlight that turns on and off automatically, a motion sensing alarm system which automatically deactivates wirelessly when the rider is near, and "seamless" tracking of metrics, including distance, time, speed, elevation, and estimated calories burned.

Instead of an energy-hogging and distracting display screen, the SmartHalo uses a simple circle of lights to display route navigation and/or fitness goal progress to the rider, allowing users to "focus on what really matters," which is the ride itself. The device also offers a "Bike Location" feature for those who can't remember where they parked their bike, and a notification light feature that will let riders know when they receive a call or text message (or if there is a severe weather alert).

"We designed SmartHalo to be beautiful inside and out. There is no on/off button – its sophisticated sensors detect your presence. When you finish your ride, it automatically shuts down. This leads to amazing battery life, to keep going as long as you do." - SmartHalo

The team behind the SmartHalo device just launched a Kickstarter campaign this morning, which is already more than halfway to its goal, which seems to indicate a lot of interest in an affordable smart bike gadget. The campaign is offering backers special pre-order prices for the device, starting at $131 CAD ($99 USD), which is expected to be delivered in May of 2016.

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