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There is a lot to love about having people work from home. Notwithstanding some recent naysaying, it saves a lot of energy and time, and other studies show that it increases productivity. But about half of the managers in America hate the idea, because their idea of managing is watching their drones and checking their comings and goings. Their prayers are answered, thanks to Peerdrum, a new program that lets your boss metaphorically look over your shoulders while you work at home. Now you can have that same lack of privacy and empowerment at home that you remember from the good old days.

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This ingenious great leap forward takes a snapshot of your screen every ten minutes and sends it to your boss, who then knows exactly what you are doing and watching. Want some privacy to do your own thing? Don't worry, you can "check out" and not send the shots to the boss. This has the added benefit that you can do what you want without worrying about taking advantage of your benevolent employer, because you won't get paid for the time you check out.

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The developers put it this way in an email:

We contract remote workers exclusively and needed a better way to remotely manage their time and performance. It lets you monitor remote workers via automated screenshots and time tracking. You can see what your team is doing throughout the day so you don't need to be literally standing over their shoulders. No one likes feeling spied on, so we try to keep the power in the team's hands by allowing them to pause the monitoring whenever they want a break, which also pauses their time tracking so billing is more accurate and honest.

That is the thing I so miss from the office- that happy interaction with the boss as he stood over my shoulders and clocked my comings and goings. I just can't wait until they implement this at TreeHugger, it will be just like the old days back at the cube farm!

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