Low-Tech Water-Powered Alarm Clock Offers Beautiful Alternative to Digital Beeps

alarm clockVera Wiedermann/Video screen capture

It is really, really hard to find a digital alarm sound that is pleasant to wake up to. Even with the multitude of options on our cell phones (which it seems is one of the most popular alarm clocks out there) there are few options that a person wants to hear first thing in the morning. A natural sound is typically more pleasant, such as the ring of a chime or the meditative resonance of a hammer striking a metal bowl. To remedy the problem, designer Vera Wiedermann has come up with a wonderfully low-tech alternative to our high-tech alarms.

alarm clockVera Wiedermann/Video screen capture

The designer states, "By filling the alarm clock with water, we focus our attention on the duration of sleep. The task itself becomes a ritual which positively influences our rest. As opposed to the incessant ticking sound of a regular clock, here time passes silently and purely mechanically. As the drops of water fall, the glass bowl becomes lighter and finally lets the hammer fall. As the tone bounces between the singing bowls, we are gently awakened and a new day begins. Time is something hard to grasp, but sleep is an experience."

It looks like not only a decorative and beautiful alternative to our digital alarm options, but one that is a far more pleasant sound to wake to than the undeniably fake-sounding bells, buzzers or even cricket chirps that are emitted by our cell phones. And, it is powered by water rather than electricity. Even better.

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