Little Green Box: An Energy-Efficient Computer from Design Hara

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You're on your computer right now (or maybe your phone); either way, reading TreeHugger is using hard-won electricity, and your device of choice will someday (probably soon) be scrapped or traded in for a better one. And who could blame you?
But as computers become more and more our BFFs (singularity, anyone?), we need greener ones: less toxic, more efficient, and easier to upgrade and recycle. Hailing from Korea, this interesting specimen is custom and hand-built, made by a company called Design Hara. It also looks like a Danish-modern space heater, if there are such things (which in my book is a good thing).
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Details are a bit sparse--at least for the non-Korean speaker--but here is the basic profile: the Design Hara computer is "built with recyclable green materials," and constructed with an eye for end-of-life disassembly. Inside is an Intel Core2Duo processor (a cooler running chip), the 4 gig RAM can be upgraded to 8, and the terabyte memory is solid state, a significantly more efficient technology. I'm no electrical engineer, but the Design Hara's claim of 60 watt-hours average power consumption seems quite good next to comparable desktops (though we don't know if this includes the monitor, and how the average consumption is being evaluated).
The pretty wooden paneling on the sides are your choice of Canadian rosewood or Italian cypress, both treated with non-toxic finishes. The Design Hara computer is certainly a boutique unit "for those who are tired of bulk products," and likely priced accordingly. But if nothing else, it's nice to see an eye-pleasing experiment in smart, low-energy computer design. via GizmoWatch
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