Liquavista Launches ColorBright, Viewers Go "Ooooh, Aahhhh"

liquavista colorbright display image

Image via Liquavista

Recently we mentioned the money and research being poured into Liquavista’s electrowetting technology. It is a way of providing incredible displays that are ultra thin, flexible, and fast enough to display even video. The technology has the power to utterly transform the dying newspaper industry and many forms of display systems.

Well, they’ve just released their first round of new displays for smaller devices like watches and cell phones. The new ColorBright displays by Liquavista have strong brightness in natural light and a large color palette. Being able to create outstanding products gives LCD display designers some new clay to work with.

"Simple LCD displays are all around us and are used on almost every electronic device and gadget. But their grey on black look does nothing for the integrity of the product design." said David Fisher, Design Director at leading product designers Seymour Powell. "Now product concepts can drive the display design - grey on black LCD will never look the same again."
So, now it’s just a matter of time before we begin to see the technology in new products.

Hopefully this more energy efficient, high quality display is just the beginning of a rapid evolution towards lower impact displays that use fewer and fewer materials during creation - without sacrificing quality.

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