Lightweight folding laptop desk fits in a large envelope, costs just $10

Lapdeck cardboard laptop desk
© Lapdeck

This little laptop desk could be a gamechanger for those of us who put in a lot of hours with a computer on our lap.

Laptop computers have a lot going for them, as they're a lightweight, portable, and powerful tool for business and pleasure, but one thing they aren't really so great at is kind of surprising, considering how obvious it is when you think about it. On top of any specific weak points in any given model of laptop, all of them seem to be guilty of one big failing, which is the awkward posture necessary to use them when they're actually on your lap.

In order to type on a laptop that's sitting on your lap, your arms, wrists, and hands are often in a cramped position, which can also lead to slumped or rounded shoulders, and because the screen is low, it forces your neck into a forward position, all of which can add up to a pain in the neck (or wrist, elbow, shoulder, or back). Raising the laptop by putting it on a table in front of you, unless it's the optimal height for the chair you're using, can often be just as awkward, and the screen will probably still be low enough to cause your head to tilt forward while using it.

Laptop desks can be a great solution for putting the machine in an ergonomic position, but many of the ones on the market tend to be either too bulky or heavy to be truly portable, or they don't lift the laptop up enough to make a big difference in body positioning.

However, a new portable laptop desk could be the answer, because it's not only lightweight, sturdy, and foldable, but it's also completely recyclable and costs just $10 USD.

The Lapdeck, currently taking pledges in what looks to be a successful Kickstarter campaign (with still a month to go), is a cardboard mini-desk for laptops that is designed to be used on soft surfaces, and is sturdy enough to handle quite a bit more weight than the average laptop. The Lapdeck folds up flat for transport and storage (it measures 18" x 12" x .9" [46 x 31 x 2cm] and can fit into a large padded envelope), can be collapsed and expanded over and over again (said to last for 4-12 months, depending on use) and then at the end of its life, can easily be recycled.

Lapdeck, which weighs just 12 oz (340g), is made from a single sheet of heavy duty - 200lb (90kg) test - corrugated cardboard, and according to the company's testing, it "had no problem supporting a 37-inch flat screen TV and a 25-pound laser printer, among many heavy items we subjected it to." Although the campaign page doesn't mention it, it looks like the Lapdeck could also be used to gain some height for making an improv standing desk, or as a display for a second screen or tablet as well.

Find out more about Lapdeck at the website or Kickstarter page.

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