Lights Powered by Gravity Brighten Rural Areas

Designers Martin Riddiford and Jim Reeves of London have come up with an incredibly clever concept for a light that runs on renewable energy and that energy source can be found at any time of day or night, in any weather, and for any length of time. That's because the energy source for this lamp is... gravity.

The GravityLight runs kind of like old Grandfather clocks, with weights keeping the light running. The weight needs to be reset every 30 minutes and as long as someone is willing to go reset the weight, the light keeps shining.

gravity light imageVimeo/Video screen capture

Finding a clean, cheap, easy-to-use source of lighting for developing nations is important as most people use dangerous and polluting kerosene lamps at night. Swapping those lamps out for lights like GravityLight will make an impact in keeping people safe and healthy and reduce emissions from dirty fuel. The GravityLight is also easier to use, cheaper to create, and potentially longer-lasting than solar-powered solutions.

The team has already well exceeded its funding goals on Indiegogo for this project, showing that a whole lot of people are as excited as the designers about this idea for a clean-running light source.

"Following the initial inspiration of using gravity, and years of perspiration, we have refined the design and it is now ready for production. We need your help to fund the tooling, manufacture and distribution of at least 1000 gravity powered lights. We will gift them to villagers in both Africa and India to use regularly. The follow-up research will tell us how well the lights met their needs, and enable us to refine the design for a more efficient MK2 version. Once we have proved the design, we will be looking to link with NGOs and partners to distribute it as widely as possible. When mass produced the target cost for this light is less than $5."

There are still 35 days left in funding, so if you want to make sure this project gets a flying start, feel free to visit the campaign and donate.

Lights Powered by Gravity Brighten Rural Areas
A brilliant concept design comes up with a simple formula for powering lamps in off-grid areas.

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