Lenovo Launches Six New Power-Sipping Monitors

Lenovo ThinkVision epeat gold monitor image

Lenovo is doing great things when it comes to more energy-efficient monitors. They're launching six new monitors to the ThinkVision line, each of which uses between 30-60% less energy than their previous models. The six monitors are EPEAT Gold rated, GREENGUARD certified, and provide a selection to consumers, ranging from 17" to 24". They aren't exactly cheap, ranging from $240 to $750. But as we mentioned earlier, people are willing to pay a bit more for greener items.

Not all the monitors seem to have gone the full length for being green. Only certain models ditch mercury and arsenic in their manufacturing, and only certain models come with recycled/recyclable packaging. However, the fact that they've been able to get high ratings from electronics enviro guard dogs says something. They now have a total of 17 EPEAT Gold rated monitors, 11 of which are GREENGUARD certified.

The new monitors are currently being displayed at Interop New York, and they'll be available for purchase in October.

Via Press Release
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