Lemon-Powered Desk Clock Brings Back Science Fair Memories


Photo via Anna Gram

Here’s a stylish throwback to grade school science experiments: A clock that runs on lemons.

The citrus clock is designed to be an elegant way to run a timepiece for a week with one lemon. But, it raises a few questions about the merit of such a design. The clock is made with a plug of zinc and copper that you place the lemon on top of. The acidic lemon juice connecting with the zinc and copper of the plug creates electrolysis, powering the clock.

Running a clock on a lemon a week seems pretty neat. But what is the point when we have clocks on our computers, our cell phones, and pretty much everywhere else we turn? These are gadgets we’re already charging anyway, so to waste a lemon on a novelty clock seems a little silly. Unless you live in places like California, Arizona or Florida where lemon trees grow like weeds, buying lemons just to run a clock and then throw it in the compost bin might be a bit wasteful. Besides, unless you like the fresh scent, who wants a sliced lemon sitting on their desk?

However, despite all these downer points, we have to say that the idea of a lovely looking desk clock that runs on just lemons does pull at our tree-hugging heart strings. And the novelty of it could start up some nostalgic science fair- related conversations.

Via Anna Gram
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