The Leftovers: Robots for Farmers, Eco-Friendly Hand Dryers, and More

Research reveals most energy efficient way to dry your hands
A study by MIT reveals which is the most energy efficient way to dry your hands (and considering the study was backed by Dyson, it might not be a surprising conclusion).

These May Be The Droids Farmers Are Looking For
A new robot could be the solution for farmers, helping to move containers around and spare workers' backs. Wired writes, "Think Wall-E without the doe eyes and cuddly personality, or the little forest-tending ‘bots in the 1972 sci-fi classic Silent Running."

Robotic polar bear aims to stop you snoring
The weirdest use of a polar bear yet.

Rare earth metal shortages could hamper deployment of low-carbon energy technologies
"[S]cientists at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) highlighted in a new report that five metals, essential for manufacturing low-carbon technologies, show a high risk of shortage."

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