The Leftovers: Taking Computers Out of Computing, Solar Cucumbers Desalinate Water and More

We do our best to write up all the great green tech news that comes along during the day but sometimes there's just so much. Here are some of the stories we didn't quite get around to but that we think you'll want to read up on.

Sustainability Reporting Evolves to Include More Water Risk, Supply Chain Disclosures
"As the number of companies compiling sustainability reports grows, the content of those reports is evolving to include more focus on water impacts and supply chain information, according to corporate sustainability officials and consultants."

We must take the computers out of computing
"Computers — the boxes that we consult in the form of tablets, mobile phones and desktops — are wonderful, but they take away from what it is to be human and to really connect with one another. So the challenge and opportunity that lies ahead is how to get the computers out of computing, said Mark Rolston, the chief creative officer at frog Design. Speaking at the GigaOM RoadMap conference in San Francisco, Rolston took the audience through a vision of omnipresent computing."

Airbnb CEO: The future is about access, not ownership
"For decades now, folks in America have generally prized the idea of ownership — and the more expensive and permanent the asset, the better... But according to Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky, as the world’s population gets larger and technology makes us more connected, the adulation of ownership is slowly starting to wane."

Solar Cucumber for On-the-Spot Desalination of Sea Water
"The Solar Cucumber turns sea water to freshwater at source, making it much useful to the water starved communities in costal environment."

And from the "Just What We Needed Department"
Transparent VR glasses let you watch TV while doing other stuff
"The glasses run Android 2.2 with Flash and built in Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can read your email and watch YouTube videos while you're walking around town, or Heaven help us, driving a car."

The Leftovers: Taking Computers Out of Computing, Solar Cucumbers Desalinate Water and More
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