The Latest in Prepper Gear: Shopping Bag Doubles As Emergency Helmet

shopping bag helmetDiginfo/Video screen capture

We talk a lot about resilience on TreeHugger, about being prepared. Tech editor Jaymi has an emergency backpack, but she doesn't carry it wherever she goes. Perhaps she should do her shopping with a Grappa dual purpose shopping bag; turn it over and stick it on your head, click the handles together into a chin strap, and you have an emergency helmet. It has a solid bottom of shock absorbing EPS plastic and a mesh face to filter out dust and make it Taliban approved. But the important thing is, you always have it. If you carried a Powerpot in it, you could survive anything. Of course, if California State Senator Tony Strickland is correct, sticking a dirty reusable bag over your head could be just as fatal as a brick falling on you. Some of ours are really yucky.

I think the Grappa people are onto something here. Toronto Maple Leaf fans will love these.

Found on Geekologie, where the author wears a pasta strainer for the same purpose.

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