Laser GPS navigation for cyclists promotes safe riding

laser gps image© Kim Tae-Jin via Yanko Design

It is generally agreed that when traveling on a bike, it is safer to look up at the road instead of down at your handlebars. But if you're using your smart phone or GPS device to figure out how to get somewhere, you may be stuck looking down in a rather distracted way more often than you want to be. Designer Kim Tae-Jin came up with an interesting solution for that. The concept design for Open Sight brings your eyes back up to the road while telling you how to get from point A to point B. Yanko Design writes, "The Open Sight GPS beams out powerful directional laser arrows that are visible even during the day. So basically you end up concentrating on your path rather than consulting the GPS interface for directions."

laser gps image© Kim Tae-Jin via Yanko Design

Open Sight would be petal-powered, and function much like existing GPS devices, but with the addition of a bright laser projection telling you when to turn which way. The designer also points out that the laser projection works for safer riding in low light or at night, since it is added light that drivers will notice.

Is this a concept device you'd be interested in using? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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