Kyocera Unveils Ozone-Free Printers


New from Kyocera is a line of "ozone-free" printers. By applying a positive electrical charge directly to the rollers, Kyocera has eliminated the production of ozone. Most printers still use negatively-charged rollers, which generates the harmful gas. Ground level ozone is an air pollutant; it impairs lung function.

The new workgroup range comprises four low-noise, monochrome laser printers, printing up to 45 pages per minute and offering double-sided printing. All feature "Ecosys", the company’s synthesis of long-life ceramic components. When the time finally comes to add new toner (a single cassette of Kyocera toner will print up to 20,000 pages), Kyocera’s cartridge-free design means the only items to be disposed of are an empty toner container and residue bottle. This helps to minimise waste and the keep down the cost of replacements. These two items are made of just one type of plastic, identified for easy recycling.

Via:IT Backbones