KudoCase for iPhone 5 boosts battery life without bulk

kudo case photo© Wireless NRG/Kickstarter

Battery drain is a drag. Unfortunately, the more apps and capabilities they cram into our beloved smartphones, the more stress it puts on the battery. Power packs and solar-powered chargers can help relieve the pressure, but most of them add unwanted bulk to our otherwise sleek mobile devices.

Wireless NRG, a phone accessory company that made waves when it debuted the solar-powered KudoCase for iPad, recently started a crowdfunding campaign for a gadget that could be the answer: a KudoCase for the iPhone 5 that turns solar energy into extra battery life without adding any weight.

So what makes the newest KudoCase (called the KudoGlide) worthy your kudos as well as your support on Kickstarter? According to the designers, it's the fact that the power storage happens in the carrying case, and not the actual phone.

"A lot of people love their iPhone 5," says David Foster, CEO of Wireless NRG, "but many are frustrated having to find an outlet after lunch to power it back up. The only option until now was an iPhone 5 battery case snapped directly onto your phone. This usually doubles the weight and thickness of the once nice and slim iPhone 5. That's where the KudoGlide comes in."

Kudo has a separate carrying case to slide the phone into when it's not in use. By doing this Kudo could squeeze in a whopping 2,500mAh battery to more than double your iPhone use and keep it powered up throughout the day. The Glide itself isn't solar powered, but it is designed to be completely compatible with the company's previous project, the KudoSol (an iPad case that sports highly efficient solar panels). "The iPhone goes into its carrying cage, which fits into the Glide, which can connect to the Sol, which is holding the iPad and then you're charging everything with the sun!!!" reads the Kickstarter page.

Tucked away into the back of the pouch is a USB that can be plugged into any laptop or USB source in case you don't have the Sol/iPad combination.

For a limited time, a Kickstarter pledge of $75 or more means you'll get one of the first KudoGlides to roll of the line.

KudoCase for iPhone 5 boosts battery life without bulk
The power storage happens in the carrying case, and not the actual phone, yet this case maintains a slim profile.

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