The Kindle Fire Gets the iFixit Teardown Treatment, And Scores Big Points

iFixit is always on the ball with breaking new gadgets down to their guts and finding out how owner-friendly devices really are. After all, if you can't open it (and fix it and upgrade it), then you don't truly own it. And beyond that, if you can't open it, the device is not environmentally sound since the fourth "R" is "Repair."

With that in mind, the iFixit folks have sunk their screwdrivers into the Amazon Kindle Fire to find out what it's like. And they've given it an 8 out of 10 for repairability.

Discovery writes, "The hottest new tablet? That would be the Amazon Kindle Fire. The e-retailer has already upped manufacturing orders twice to 5 million, and many are already saying the Fire will be the iPad’s first real competition."

That means knowing just how fixable this gadget is, is important to knowing at least part of its impact on the planet. The more repairable, the lighter the footprint -- that is, as long as it has an owner willing to make the repairs.

The iFixit team is impressed with this aspect of the Kindle Fire. The team notes:

Kindle Fire Repairability Score: 8 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair).

The rear case is very easy to open, granting trouble-free access to the internals.

All the fasteners found inside are Phillips #0 screws—one non-proprietary screwdriver is all you need.

The LCD is not fused to the display, making replacement an easy task, if necessary.

Simplistic design and limited functionality means fewer components and less headache for disassembly.

A decent amount of adhesive is used on the battery and motherboard, meaning some prying and gentle working is required for disassembly.

The glass panel is fused to the front plastic frame, meaning a heat gun is required for replacing cracked glass (or you have to replace both components together).

All this is great news! The entire tear-down is on iFixit, so you can see step-by-step how the device looks as you take it apart layer by layer. For example, here the Kindle Fire's touchscreen is detached from the motherboard:

And here, we see how easy it is to separate the display from the glass, which as iFixit notes, is "a nice departure from the usual fused glass ordeals."

Check out the whole tear-down and that of tons of other popular devices on iFixit -- get familiar with gadget guts and get excited about DIY repair!

The Kindle Fire Gets the iFixit Teardown Treatment, And Scores Big Points
This new gadgets gets the thumbs up for repairability from the iFixit team.

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