Kindle Fire HD Earns High Ratings In Repairability From iFixit

Last week we spent some pixels covering the latest Kindle releases, including the Kindle Fire HD. While we explained how to get the most out of your Kindle and where you could resell your old device (and for how much) if you're set on upgrading, iFixit was busy ripping the thing apart, literally, to find out what's under the hood.

The iFixit team came away with a good impression of the new tablet device, giving it a rating of 7 out of 10 for repairability. The fact that it is so easy to fix is encouraging, because it means users can, and hopefully will, repair rather than replace if something breaks.

From the notes:
The rear case is very easy to open, granting trouble-free access to the internals.
The battery is held in with absolutely no adhesive.
Simplistic design and limited functionality means fewer components and less headache for disassembly.
Mostly all screws found inside are Phillips #00 screws—except for one T5 Torx screw.
Copper tape over the processor is somewhat difficult to remove and to readhere correctly.
The LCD is fused to the front glass and plastic frame, meaning you'll have to replace both components together.

You can see the full tear-down with each step of the process on iFixit's website.

Kindle Fire HD Earns High Ratings In Repairability From iFixit
The new tablet device gets the thumbs up after being torn apart piece by piece.

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