Kindle 2 Coming February 9th

kindle 2 comparison photo

Kindle Siblings - Kindle next to the alleged Kindle 2 in a leaked photo
Photo via Boy Genius Report

There is some happy news for those of you excited about the idea of using e-readers instead of printed books and newspapers. The Kindle is coming out with its new iteration on February 9th, and the announcement clears up concerns from potential Kindle purchasers. The Kindle has been out of stock since November, and those people who purchased Kindles during the holidays and are still waiting for them to ship will likely be receiving the newer version of the device.

Other than a few exterior design changes (which some say doesn't fix the fugly factor of the Kindle) there are only a couple changes to the device, the most important being on the inside:

The new Kindle likely uses the new Broadsheet microchip from Epson and E-Ink, which makes the display technology for the Kindle. E-Ink’s chief executive, Russell J. Wilcox, described the technology to me a few weeks ago, saying that it breaks the screen into 16 pixel sets and can update them in parallel, allowing for faster screen refreshes and a generally more responsive screen. He added that the technology was somewhat analogous to putting a better graphics card in a computer and would help e-readers become better full-featured devices.

So there you have it. A faster, arguably sleeker e-reader is about to head our way.

Via New York Times
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