Kill-A-Watt Tweaked to Tweet Power Consumption on Twitter

tweet-a-watt by make magazine photo

Photo via MAKE

It may seem odd to want to let everyone following you on Twitter know your power consumption, and yet, it's still kind of a neat experiment. If you're wanting to cut back on power use, having the information be public might help inspire you to keep up the good work. And a specially tweaked "Tweet-A-Watt" just might help you accomplish that without your needing to update your Twitter feed yourself. The Tweet-A-Watt is a modified Kill-A-Watt. It has been entered by MAKE into the Greener Gadgets competition and will be an open-source project.

The creators modified a standard Kill-A-Watt to be able to recharge itself, turn on an Xbee wireless module which connects it to the internet and allows it to tweet the power usage recorded for the day.

The idea is several friends could create these as a project and compete to see who can get the lowest numbers for the day, helping to change habits towards energy efficiency.

MAKE will be publishing the schematics on their blog soon, so if you're interested in making your own Tweet-A-Watt, keep an eye on their site. And if you're interested in seeing the feed, head over to the Tweet-A-Watt's Twitter feed.

And if you're a Twitter user, be sure to check out TreeHugger's and Planet Green's stream.

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