Key ring solar charger lets you juice up your smartphone on the go

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Solar charging on the go is getting easier and easier to come by. What used to be niche is now a crowded marketplace, with laptop chargers, rugged portable chargers for camping, DIY solar phone chargers and more available to anyone who's interested. With that being said, there's an interesting new solar charger looking to make an impact by being very small.

The ClicLite charger fits on a keyring and is only 1.6 inches by 1.6 inches. The gadget features one mono-crystalline solar panel, but it has a modular design so that additional panels or "Cliccs" can be added to generate even more clean energy.

Gizmag reports, "To use the ClicLite, you start by setting it in the sunlight and clicking one button on its side. If it’s equipped with just the one included modular solar panel (known as a “Clicc”), its internal 500-mAh lithium-polymer battery should reach a full charge within 10 hours. Clicking an additional two Cliccs onto the sides of the first one lowers the charging time to three hours, while using a total of six daisy-chained Cliccs charges the battery in one hour."

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A full charged battery lets you charge a dead iPhone up to 20 percent, which is nothing to sneeze at, especially considering its small size and extreme portability.

The ClicLite also features an LED spotlight with three brightness settings. On the brightest setting, it can run for 15 hours on a full battery or, at the lowest brightness, up to 600 hours.

The gadget is currently on sale in Germany for about $47 USD with each additional Clicc costing $9 USD. It will soon go on sale in the rest of Europe and go worldwide within the next year or so.

Key ring solar charger lets you juice up your smartphone on the go
The tiny solar charger is modular so additional panels can be added to generate more clean energy.

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