K-TOR Hand Crank Generator Puts A Socket In Your Pocket

k-tor hand crank image© K-TOR

With scientists convinced that unchecked climate change will lead to more extreme weather events in the coming years, it's important to have a survival strategy in place. Soon it will be come common to see droughts, floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes in areas of the world that almost never experienced these natural disasters. While it's essential that we remain calm in the face of these new threats, it's also essential to have emergency tools in place.

During a natural disaster or other emergency, mobile devices can act as a lifeline to the outside world. Flashlights, radios, and other electronics can be key to survival, but only if one also has access to a reliable source of power. Instead of wondering if your batteries have enough juice to see you through, why not carry an electrical socket in your pocket?

The K-TOR "Pocket Socket" is a portable hand-crank power generator. As long as you've got the ability to turn the handle, you can have access to 10 Watts of power at 120V via a US standard outlet interface. At less than a pound, the Pocket Socket is the size of a water bottle, which means it's an easy addition to your emergency preparedness kit, trunk, or tornado shelter.

As this review points out, the crank can be turned both clockwise or counterclockwise to generate a charge making it easy for both left and right handed individuals to crank. The standard two-prong outlet interface lets you charge a large variety of electronics including iPhones, iPads, digital cameras, and GPS devices. It can also charge AA and AAA battery chargers, which means you'll never be without a fully juiced flashlight or radio. $59.95 on Amazon.

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