Just What We Needed Dept: The Little Printer

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Every site I follow, from Fast Company to Smart Planet to PSFK is gaga over the Little Printer. And there is no question, it is the cutest little bit of electronics since the Furby. The beautifully designed website describes it as "like having your own printing press, newspaper and a dog to fetch it for you, all in your front room." It is all about design, which should make me so happy:

Graphic design is at the heart of everything Little Printer delivers, making the most of connectivity and print combined. Rendered in crisp black and white these tactile publications take visual cues from traditional halftone lithography and modern pixel art, whether they’re the latest international news or this week’s gossip from friends.

Hello Little Printer, available 2012 from BERG on Vimeo.

Seriously, watch the video, what's not to love? Try this:

  • Watching the video and the website, there is not a single function that I don't already do on my smart phone, other than being able to post a photo of my dog on the fridge.
  • Thermal paper fades pretty quickly, and you will have to reprint that picture of the dog on your fridge.
  • My fridge is already full of expired invitations and 15 year old pictures of my kids. Who needs more crap there?
  • Thermal paper is ugly to the touch, and most of it is full of Bisphenol A that rubs off onto your fingers and is blamed for everything from reduced penis size to obesity. I don't want either.
  • This thing prints on the stuff receipts are printed on. Every time I see thermal paper I think of money that I have spent. I have little stacks of it all over my house. I don't relate it to happy things
  • .

breakfast printoutBERG/Promo image

Seriously, you are going to print out enough Guardian to read with your breakfast? How fast do you eat?

John Pavlus at Fast Company writes:

Little Printer may seem like a throwback at first, but it's actually a disruptive, weird, but undeniably innovative way to liberate digital content from its screen-based prison. It's about making "the cloud" tangible and intimate again, by bringing it into the home in a physical way.

Really? I think it is the best designed, cutest little throwback ever. We laugh at people who print out their emails; now we can laugh at people who print out their phones. More at Berg

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Just What We Needed Dept: The Little Printer
Every blog in the 'verse loves the The Little Printer. But does it make sense? and is it healthy?

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