Just what we needed dept: A hat with a video display in it

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Back when LEDs were still the next big thing, TreeHugger showed a lot of stupid LED tricks like this programmable LED hat- "a great money, space and environment saver- you no longer need a hat for each team you support, but can program it for whatever event you go to."

cyclops featuresCyclops Cap/Promo image

That was then; now wearable technology is all the rage, and PSFK shows the latest big thing: The Cyclops Snapback Hat with a wifi and bluetooth connected LED display built right in. The Russian designers have started an Indiegogo campaign that has raised exactly 0 of its $250,000 goal.

HatCyclops Cap/Promo image

It is a new opportunity for a sports fan to show everyone his own favourite team. Your child can always enjoy his favourite cartoon or comics characters. It is a great chance to surprise your friends or just passersby.....Just the way a telephone has stopped being only a gadget to make calls, “Cyclops ” caps have stopped being only hats.

Really, instant e-waste. But hey, "All you have to do is empower your imagination and you will always be in the spotlight, emphasizing your own style."

I could only watch ten seconds of the video.

Just what we needed dept: A hat with a video display in it
The latest in wearable technology is instant e-waste that lets you "empower your imagination."

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