JUNE smart bracelet measures sun exposure, tells you when you've had enough

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The JUNE sun-coach was the hit of the wearable tech section of CES this year. The little gem is styled by French jewelry designer Camille Toupet and hides a detector that "observes the habits of the user and the companion App determines the recommended sun protection for their skin type whether it be applying SPF, putting on a hat,wearing sun glasses or seeking out shade."

My first reaction was, frankly, dismissive, thinking it a silly bauble. You don't need a $99 bracelet to tell you that you shouldn't be out in the sun without proper protection and a hat. However the woman in the booth almost dragged me in, and explained how many people are simply not going to wrap themselves up in high- SPF clothing and big floppy hats, and that the entire idea of the JUNE was to be simple, elegant and serve one useful function at an affordable price. It certainly does all of that.

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JUNE tracks UV intensity in real-time and the total sun exposure absorbed by the user’s skin throughout the day. Depending on the woman’s skin type, the App calculates the suggested maximum daily exposure. Every woman can monitor their sun dose measured in percentage throughout the day. To avoid sun damage, the App can notify the user when to protect their skin.

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JUNE smart bracelet measures sun exposure, tells you when you've had enough
it's a "personal sun coach" that tells you when to put on a hat, and more.

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