The Joy of Fix: Experience the true joy that comes from a fulfilling fix life

The Joy of Fix
Video screen capture Sugru

Fixing and making feels good, and everyone's doing it, so don't be shy. Experience the Joy of Fix.

We TreeHuggers love fixit initiatives, DIY projects, and home and gadget hacks with an eco-focus, and are big advocates of repairing and reusing products, because it not only makes environmental sense, but also because in our modern disposable society, taking the time to fix something to prolong its useful life isn't nearly as common as it once was. Getting hands-on with the things we own and use, in order to maintain them, to repair them, or to improve them, can be an empowering experience, and much of the time, finding step-by-step instructions to guide us is often just a web search away.

Sometimes simply replacing a part isn't enough, and you need to fabricate a piece of whatever you're fixing or making, or one part of the item could use some reinforcing instead of replacing, and that's where Sugru can come in handy. Sugru, which we've covered a number of times before (including their Fixer's Manifesto), is a hand-formable rubber that is highly adhesive, air-curable, waterproof, strong, flexible, and durable, and is stable in temperatures ranging from -50°C to +180°C. It's quite possibly the handiest fixit material to hit the market in the last couple of years, and in many cases, will give duct tape and baling wire a run for its money.

To celebrate the culture of fixing and making and hacking, and the joy that it brings, Sugru has taken a page from the iconic '70s book that inspired millions to change the way they think about sex, and produced the Joy of Fix:

Sugru also has a couple of great graphics on their Joy of Fix page, The Joy of Fix: A Sugru Guide to Fixing, and The Joy of Sugru, both of which are safe for work, but are filled with double entendres about the joy that comes from having a fulfilling fix life.

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