Jail for Cell Phones Sets Mandatory Tech-Free Time

Here's a funny little gadget that helps the most gadget-addicted of us to put the cell phone away for an enforced break. It's the Cell Lock-Up, which has a timer you can set for locking your devices away for that amount of time. And if you try to get at your cell phone before the allotted time, a buzzer sounds.

You could spare yourself the e-waste and plastic of this thing and just shut off your cell phone for designated tech-free times, but let's admit that some folks may just need something more, um, forceful to drag them away from their devices.

The Cell Lock-Up retails for $20 (I couldn't imagine spending any more than that on this) and probably makes a better joke gift than anything else. Though then again, with so many kids and teens burying their noses in their cell phones rather than their homework or, heaven forbid, conversations with people standing in front of them, it might be a good idea for parents to have this set up for mandatory look-up-at-the-world time.

Jail for Cell Phones Sets Mandatory Tech-Free Time
This lock-up for cell phones makes sure you take a mental health break from your cell phone during the day.

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