iZen's Bamboo Keyboard for iPad Takes the Plastic Out of Electronics

izen bamboo keyboardiZen/Video screen capture

So you cracked and bought an iPad, and now you'd like a keyboard to go with. To keep your footprint from getting any bigger, check out iZen, whose handmade keyboard that's 92% bamboo.

TreeHugger has questioned the "greenness" of bamboo before, but it has a lot of benefits over conventionally-used plastic: it doesn't take crude oil to produce, it grows naturally (and 40 times faster than other kinds of hardwood), and doesn't need much in the way of water or space to thrive.

The iZen keyboard is wireless and works with any Bluetooth-enabled device. Its slim design and natural look set it apart from many keyboards, and the bamboo can stand up to vigorous typing (it comes with a one year warranty, too).

To get the item on the market (where it will sell for $99), iZen has launched a Kickstarter campaign, hoping to raise $18,000 by mid-April. As of March 29, they've got nearly $14,000, a strong start. If you pledge $85 by the end of the campaign, you can get your very own keyboard (shipping included), and save $25.

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