iZAP Portable Energy Adds 28 Hours of iPOD Playback with Li Battery Packs

Efficient vehicle and energy pioneer ZAP is offering a new series of lithium battery packs designed specifically to work with the iPod. Called iZAP, the battery accessories for the iPod are part of a new line of ZAP Portable Energy systems. The lithium-ion battery system, reportedly adding 28 hours of listening time to an iPOD nano, can be recharged up to 1000 times. The more generic Model: R15-FB offers the versatility to charge DC electronics from 4.0 to 19.0 volts through either a DC or USB port. If anyone knows if it's feasible to charge the multi-model charger with an inexpensive, small SPV panel, let us know. T’wood be the perfect communication readiness package for the coming hurricane and tornado season.