iWood for iPhone


Go on, admit it you were wondering just how TreeHugger could leap on the media frenzy which has surrounded the release of Apple’s new iPhone. It’s a tough call, but we think with iWood we just sneak in. Well, almost anyhow. Seems there is a company in the Netherlands by the name of Miniot that have been making iPod cases carved out of solid wood. Oak, mahogany, walnut, cherry and padouk to be precise. Although if your wallet is even deeper you could spring for 30,000 year old Kauri from New Zealand. Now that the iPhone has arrived on the scene, they’re offering timber cases for that too. Unfortunately their rather obtuse website doesn’t indicate whether the wood was obtained from a sustainably harvested forest, such as would be the instance with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. It is at least from a renewable source and will ultimately be biodegradable, when you upgrade to the ‘next big thing.’ Unlike the multitude of plastic electronics cases which we are destined to have as rubbish for the next 500 years, unless the idea of recyclable ‘industrial nutrients’ takes off, and soon. And alas this is where the iWood fails the test because instead of the wooden, magnetic closing, hinged lid the iPods get, the iPhone model sports a plastic polycarbonate faceplate. Damn and we were so close. ::Miniot via ::MacMinute

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