iPad HD Fever? 7 Websites to Help You Avoid Buying One (Or Resell Your Old iPad if Upgrading is a Must)

While it's tempting for most Apple fans to jump onto a new product as soon as it's launched, the reality is that most of us won't be in line for the iPad HD.

But judging from the number of iPad 2s seen in people's hands this year, it's probably fair to say that the company is expecting blockbuster sales of its latest tablet. And since one of the hottest markets for this type of gadget is almost certain to be the first adopters and the technophiles, this means that we could be seeing a large number of the earlier models back on the market, for sale at a more affordable used-gadget price.

That's a boon to those of us who are either on a tight budget, or who consider ourselves to be a darker shade of green than the rest, because buying a used (or pre-owned, as they like to say) iPad or iPad 2 is not only much cheaper, but also more environmentally sound as it's already been manufactured and does not need to consume new resources. And thanks to the magic of the internet, places to buy used gadgets are popping up all over, so you can still get the slick experience that is the iPad into your hands at a discount.

7 Websites to Buy a Refurbished or Used iPad

1. The Apple Store: The most obvious place to look for a cheaper iPad is in Apple's own online store, among their refurbished items. These models feature a 1-year warranty and a new battery and outer shell, and have been tested and certified by Apple, all at a serious price reduction. Refurbished first generation iPads with Wifi (16GB) are being offered at just $299 as of today, and a refurbished iPad 2 with Wifi (64GB) is currently going for $599.

2. Amazon: The next most obvious choice is searching Amazon.com for "used iPad" or "used iPad 2" and searching through all of the different options available for sale there. Prices range from $299 for a first generation iPad (16GB, Wifi) to about $360 for a used iPad 2 (16GB, Wifi).

3. GameStop: Another option is to pick up a refurbished iPad from GameStop. Their items don't come with the same warranty that Apple gives, but they do guarantee that they have all been tested before sale and can be returned for a refund within seven days. A refurbished iPad 2 with Wifi (32GB) goes for about $529 at GameStop, and an iPad Wifi (16GB) is listed for just $329.99.

4. eBay: Searching for deals on iPads on eBay is another great method to pick one up at a bargain. Two stores of note are Gazelle's, with used first generation iPads (16GB, Wifi) selling for $255, and the iPad 2 (16GB, Wifi) going for about $470, and NextWorth's. The prices do range wildly because of variation in their condition.

5. Mac of All Trades: Bargain Apple shoppers may already be aware of this site, which has some used iPads for sale, such as this first generation iPad (64GB, Wifi) available for $399, which comes with a 90-day hardware guarantee.

6. Glyde: There are a number of used iPads for sale on Glyde, such as this iPad 2 (16GB, Wifi) for $350. Buyers have 48 hours from delivery to return a defective device from Glyde.

7. Craigslist: If you're OK with 'buyer beware', especially when it comes to big ticket electronics, then searching the listings on craigslist for used iPads might be for you. You'll want to do some serious research to find the appropriate price point for the model you desire, as they range from 'too good to believe' to 'might as well buy it from somewhere that offers a warranty'.

7 Websites to Sell Your Used iPad

If you do want to be one of those first in line to buy the newest iPad, then you may be wondering where to sell your old one (if you don't want to just send it to me instead). Again, thanks to the awesomeness that is the internet, there are a number of places that offer buyback programs for iPads, with the following being great places to start looking.

1. BuyBackWorld: With free shipping for sellers, and payment within 48 hours, BuyBackWorld is a one-stop shop for just about any used electronics. Start searching for your iPad model to see what it's worth.

2. Gazelle: This site is doing a brisk business in the iPad buyback market, and they also offer free shipping for sellers, plus the ability to get paid via check, PayPal, or Amazon gift card.

3. digiCircle: Sell your used iPad to digiCircle and you can expect payment within three days, plus free shipping from you to them.

4. RadioShack: Take a look at RadioShack's Trade & Save program to see what you can sell your old iPad for.

5. BuyMyTronics: Trading in your iPad with BuyMyTronics includes free shipping, but verification and payment takes anywhere from 1-2 weeks.

6. YouRenew: YouRenew offers free shipping for your used iPad via UPS, and payment is available by check or PayPal.

7. Cash for iPads: This well-named site provides free shipping for your old iPad and payment via check or PayPal.

iPad HD Fever? 7 Websites to Help You Avoid Buying One (Or Resell Your Old iPad if Upgrading is a Must)
Don't shell out top dollar for the latest iPad when there are plenty of options for picking up an earlier model at a great price. Here's how.

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