It Slices, It Dices: Wireless Router Vase

router vase image

Electronics are often so ugly and inanimate; why not make them do multiple functions like this combination wireless router and vase? Finally, electronics you can really call green! No doubt the flowers will last so much longer in that energizing bath of EMF. The designers say that "The STC Router successfully bridges the gap between lifestyle and technology with it's flower vase functionality."

router vase detail image

It was created for that hotbed of cutting edge design, Saudi Telecom, who "was in need for a unique router design that would provoke a positive emotional response. Wireless internet, Voice over IP, land line telephone and wired DSL are all incorporated into this elegant device."

router vase closeup image

As one commenter at Dezeen noted, "Finally! Its what I've been waiting for ever since my eggbeater/iPod failed to bridge the gap between lifestyle and technology!"
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